Monday, March 12, 2012

Mary's Moxee Fingerless Gloves Review

I was given the opportunity to review Mary Moxxee's products.  She sells handmade products that are really cute and high quality.  She sent me a pair of fingerless gloves.  They are so cute.  I have always loved arm warmers and fingerless gloves.  This pair that she sent me are purple, green, and black.  

These gloves are so cute.  I love purple and green, well and black.  Haha.  They fit wonderfully even on my small thin hands and My favorite part is the two small buttons that she put on them!  

I love these gloves so much.  I have worn them a lot and will continue to.  My cats love when I wear them and rub their heads against it!  I think it is just too funny!

I really want to show you some of the great products that she makes.  These vary from hats, arm and leg warmers, gloves, boot toppers, neck warmers, and so much more!  Here are some examples of my favorite things currently listed in her Etsy store.

This is my favorite baby set that she has which includes an owl hat, diaper cover, and leg warmers!

I love aviator hats and this one is just too cute not to show you!

This show two of the cutest hats!  I love hats with ears and other things on them and these are ones that I REALLY want!

There is also a cute owl hat with the little poufs on top!

I know sock monkeys are hugely popular and these are very cute for a little girl!

I am not a big fan of scarfs but this is something I think looks great and would keep me warm in the winter especially since I hate wearing coats!

I cannot wear many boots, but I LOVE boots and boot accessory's and these boot toppers are way too cute!

You can find her products on her Etsy Store, Facebook Page, and Blog.


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  2. Great products! She does beautiful work, by the way! I really like the sock monkey items! :)

  3. OMG...I feel in love with all these lovely creations as soon as I stopped by and saw the pictures while reading the review! That Owl hat...with the "braids" hanging down are to die for...What is even more exciting...I was just mooning on whether I would want to get leg warmers and a pair of the fingerless gloves (love them) for myself, or buy my daughter that adorable Owl Hat?!?! Decisions...decisions! :) Why don't they ever make "cute" stuff like that for us "big girls?!?!" Then I went to Marys Moxee Store on Etsy...and they have the Owl Hat in ADULT Size! Whoopie!! :) But... E-gads...If I order the Owl hat, fingerless gloves, and leg warmers for myself...all 3 daughters of mine will shoot me if I do not get them a set of their very own!! Bahahaha

    I come from a long line of crafters...crocheting, quilting and sewing...just to name a few of the talents! :) I have had little time to indulge and create... my family may some day disown me if I do not soon exhibit the "forte" for these incredible talents! In my defense...I have been to busy raising our 8 children! :)

    Great Review...I will be checking back & Looking for the Giveaway...I will share this post...most definitely! Thank You Parsimonious Pash!

  4. I absolutely love owls! These are just really adorable! The gloves fit you perfectly. One of my favorite products you posted about was the brown and pink owl hat with the feather ears.

  5. i LOVE that owl hat with poufs! do they come in big people sizes? ;)

    1. Renee the Owl hat with the poufs does come in big people sizes!!! :D

  6. I love the little baby leg warms, so cute. Very crafty. Seems that the Owl hat is a hit because I like that one too!

  7. Barbara Mathews/WineofLifeMarch 18, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    I Love the Owl Hat & the Brunhilda one for little girls! Makes me ALMOST wish I had little ones again! Being 70 now, I don't think that would be Possible or WISE!! HOOT HOOT LOL

    Second best would be a Pattern, so I could try to make them, when I'm bored with the Internet or Reading! LOL


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