Kindle Tips

The Amazon Kindle is something that is growing in popularity.  What people don't realize is that you do NOT have to have a Kindle or Kindle capable device to be able to buy and read these books.  You can download the software to your computer!!!

Amazon is a great company and they have many books for the Kindle that are FREE. You can go to the page below and look at their updated list of Top 100 Books on the Kindle.  The left hand column is books in general and the right hand column is for their FREE Kindle books!

Kindle also has a list of popular classics that they offer for FREE all the time.  These are great because many of these books are ones that children have to read for school in Junior High or High School.  They are also great if you are a classics buff!

Amazon has kindly made up a list of other services out there that offer FREE digital downloads for various different kinds of books.  On this page they not only tell you where to go to get access to these books, but they also tell you how you can put them on your Kindle device.  

Another great deal that Amazon offers for their Kindle is Textbook Rentals.  Amazon says that these textbooks are approximately 80% off the price of purchasing the book!  This is a great thing for the College student especially if you do not like writing in your textbooks.  So many people already don't write in their textbooks so they can sell them back later.  This option cuts that out and saves you money because you never get 50% back from what you paid for the cost of the book anyway.

If you are looking for Kindle books in general then I would suggest going to the link below which is the Kindle Store where you can find books, Kindle's, as well as Kindle accessories.

I hope this page helps all of you out there.  If there is anything else you are curious about please leave a comment on the blog and I will look into it.


  1. Thanks I just got my Kindle and must say I love it very much, now I want to try the !Pad maybe I will win one LOL:)

  2. Lol. I have the Kindle app on my computer, but I got my boyfriend a Kindle Fire for his birthday (yesterday) and he loves it!


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