Couponing Lingo

Are you new to couponing?

If this is you then you have come to the right place.  You may have been getting confused with some of the terms and abbreviations being used on various websites and blogs about couponing.  I want to help clear this up for you.  I have compiled a list here that will take you through these different abbreviations and terms and explain to you what they all are so that you will no longer be confused!  If after reading through all of this you are still confused please come and ask questions!  I love answering questions as well as helping people out.

☆ SS- Smart Saver- This is a coupon savings booklet that comes in the Sunday paper on most Sundays.  It comes with various different coupons each week.

☆ RP- Red Plum- This one is another coupon savings booklet that comes in the Sunday paper and also comes with different coupons than the SS.  This coupon booklet sometimes also comes in the mail and in the cases that I have come across they have had different coupons in the mail than what was given with the newspaper so, it is always good to keep both.

☆ PG or P&G- Proctor & Gamble- This is a third coupon savings booklet that comes in the mail twice a month on Sundays. Go here to find your local newspaper.  At their website you can also sign up for their e-coupons and to have samples and an additional booklet of coupons mailed to you.

☆ MFC- Manufacturer Coupons- These coupons can be found in the newspaper inserts listed above as well as coupons online.  These coupons all say “Manufacturer Coupon” on the top of them and can be used anywhere unless it specifies a specific store.

☆ Store Coupons- These coupons are sponsored by a specific store and will say the store name somewhere on the coupon.  These must be used at that store or a store that accepts competitor’s coupons.

☆ Blinkies- These are coupons that you find in the aisles at many stores.  The machines often have a red blinking light on them.

☆ Peelies- Coupons that you peel off of products that you buy at the store.

☆ CAT or Catalina coupons- These coupons print off at the register but are separate from your receipt.

☆ CRT- Cash Register Tape- This refers to when you have a receipt print out and there are receipts on the back.

☆ IPC- Internet Printable Coupons- These are coupons that can be found online and can be printed to be used at many various locations.  A list of sites where you can find these coupons can be found HERE.

☆ RR- Register Rewards- These are rewards offered by WALGREENS that are printed off at the register.  These are Catalina prints offs that you will receive after buying qualifying items listed in the store.

☆ ECB- Extra Care Bucks- These are rewards that are offered at CVS if you have their savings card.  You get these much like RR in that you must purchase qualifying items and then the ECBs are printed on your receipt and can be used like a gift card on your next purchase at CVS.

☆ ESR- Easy Saver Rebate- This is a monthly rebate given by Walgreens.

☆ BOGO or B1G1- Buy One, Get One- These are for many sales in which you can often get items for half off or for free.

☆ $1/1- This is for a one dollar off one item coupon.

☆ $1/2- This is for one dollar of two item coupon.

☆ WYB- When You Buy- This abbreviation is used for coupons that offer you buying one thing and get some amount off of another different item.  This offer on coupons can sometimes give you a second item for free or nearly free and are often peelies.

☆ MIR- Mail-in-Rebate or AF- After Rebate- These rebates are forms that you need to fill out after purchasing a product and you often need to send in the original receipt and UPC with them.  I advise purchasing the item separate from everything else so that you still have the receipt for everything else you purchased. Many rebates give you the full cost back in the mail.

☆ STACK or STACKING- This refers to using a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on one item.  You will need to look at the store’s policy to see if they allow stacking of coupons like this.

☆ OOP – Out of Pocket or Final Price – This is just describing how you pay after the discount or coupon.

☆ Single Check Rebate- Some promotions will give you a check in the mail for your purchase and this is referring to that.

☆ One Coupon Per Purchase- This is printed on many coupons saying that you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon with one item.

☆ One Coupon Per Transaction- This is for a coupon that is generally for larger amounts off like $5.00 off or $20.00 off your entire transaction so if you have more coupons you would want to make two separate transactions.

☆ Overage or Money Maker- These are when you use a coupon and the amount off on the coupon is more than how much the product is at that time and the store has to give you money back to cover the difference.  Only some stores allow you to get money back like Walmart and CVS, while places like Target and Kroger do not allow this.

☆ OYNO – On Your Next Order- These are often Catalina coupons that print off at the register for buying specific products and can be used on your next purchase at that store.

☆ RC – Raincheck- When the store runs out of the product on sale you can ask for a raincheck which you keep and you will get that product at the sale price when it is in stock again.

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