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Welcome to Parsimonious Pash!

I am more than happy to provide reviews and giveaways on any product that is relevant to my family and lifestyle.  We are a young family of two with me being a 25 year old female and my partner a 24 year old male. In addition to the two of us we have two loving cats and a dog!  We would love to provide product reviews for items of interest. 

Such items may include pet products for cats and dogs, electronics, foods, cleaners, among other things.  We always like trying new products finding the one that works just right for us!  Do not be discouraged if your product is not something I mention here, please feel free to still contact me at parsimonious[dot]pash[at]gmail[dot]com.  If you have a product that is oriented for a baby, child, or teenager please feel free to also contact me as I have many close family members who would love to assist in a product review.

When conducting a product review I do ask that a non-returnable, full-sized sample of your product be shipped to me.  A full-sized product is needed for me to give a fair and accurate review of your product.  This provides me with the full experience.  I will only write out positive reviews and if there are any discrepancies in the product I will email you prior to posting my review online.  I will also send you a link to the review immediately after submission of it for your viewing pleasure.

I also advise you to send something in addition to the product whether it be a product of yours or a gift card to be used as a giveaway for my followers.  This would help to promote your company and product even more than just a review!  You can provide me with a couple of different websites, fan pages, or blogs to be used in the giveaway.  These links will be used as entries for my followers to go to and join getting more people looking at your products.

My giveaways that are donated from a company are listed for two weeks unless you ask for a different amount of time.  You can provide me with images, buttons, and information that you would like included in the giveaway as well.  It is important to me that everyone is satisfied with my service here as a blogger.

My giveaways are always listed on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, as well as many other linkups to my blog!  Thank you for coming and stopping by!  I cannot wait to hear from you!

If you are looking for a sponsored post please do feel free to contact me as well.  I will respond in a timely manner and I will negotiate a price for such a service.

If you have any other questions concerns do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!
Parsimonious Pash

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