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I know that there are many Military families out there and everyone needs to save money, but military families have some extra places they can go to save some money.  This is useful whether you are in the states or based in a foreign country.  The Commissary is the perfect place to shop.  The reason for this is because you can get so many different products at lower prices than everywhere else.  They have tear off coupons normally all over the store and the also accept coupons that are up to six months past the expiration date.

Here are some rules for using coupons at the Commissary:

☆Commissaries DO NOT double or triple coupons.

☆Only one coupon can be used per item.

☆Commissaries WILL accept Internet printed coupons.

☆The Commissary does accept CATALINA coupons just make sure they don't specify a certain store only. You can go HERE for a further explanation.
☆The commissary DOES at this time allow overage.

Here are some other links of useful resources:

☆Sign up at Family UNIT for Commissary P&G coupons HERE

☆ConAgra Foods Military Coupons HERE

☆Commissary Handbook with rules and policies HERE

☆WIC- If you are a military family you most likely fall under this bracket if you have children or are pregnant then you should apply for assistance HERE

☆Coleson Foods promotions for Commissaries HERE

☆The Defense Commissary Agency’s Notes on Facebook is a good resource for more on rules and regulations when it comes to using coupons at the Commissary. HERE

☆SHEP is your Commissary Working Dog and his mission is to find the best values at your local Commissary.  To get free printed coupons just for use at the commissary head over HERE.

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  1. I would love to post these rules and policies with a link giving you credit on our web site. Please email me to let me know if you would be okay with that. My email is


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