Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FREE Amazon Kindle Deal

Are you an avid reader? I know I am.  

This site is the one place I am really debating on joining. is a website where you can read many different kinds of ebooks, magazines and more.  They have a deal going on right now if you sign up for $14.95 per month Gold membership for 12 months they will give you a $100 towards the purchase of a Kindle.  This makes the Amazon Kindle Touch FREE or the Amazon Kindle Fire only $99!!! This is an amazing deal if you read lots of books!!!  With this deal you will be paying over $100 in the full year, but aside from getting the Kindle for FREE you will also get the subscription with Audibles for books.

Here is what you have to do:

1.       Go to Amazon and put the Kindle of your choice in the cart.
2.       Sign up for Audibles Gold Membership -$14.95 per month for a year
3.       Receive your claim code from Audibles.
4.       Go back to your cart on Amazon and start checking out.
5.       Finally add your code in the coupon box during check out to receive your discount.

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