Friday, December 2, 2011

3E Love

What is 3E Love?

I haven’t written any reviews up here on my blog yet, but this is one that I cannot pass by.  3E Love is a non-for-profit organization that was started by two dear friends of mine, Annie & Stevie Hopkins. To quote them on their website: 3E Love

3E Love, LLC. is a social entrepreneurial experiment to change the perception of disability. The company was started by siblings Annie & Stevie Hopkins in 2007 with the intent of promoting their unique symbol and social model of disability. The company's trademarked International Symbol of Acceptance (wheelchair heart logo) is the drive behind it's social mission to provide the tools for others to embrace diversity, educate society, and empower each other to love life. What was once just a small Chicago disability pride clothing brand is now an international movement of acceptance. People with disabilities are everywhere, and thousands of t-shirts and other items later, so is the 3E Love message.”

Annie Hopkins was the one with the idea to start this amazing organization, however she passed away in 2009 and her brother has not let the organization go.  He works hard, promoting through Facebook, word of mouth and through travelling to various locations to promote at Expo’s.  They have expanded with followers from all over the world!
You should really go and read their whole story on their website because it is moving and well worth your time.  Check out their store for promotional items! 3E Store Online!

They do offer special deals for group orders.  Their pricing for bulk orders is as follows:

Group Orders - Pricing
Almost all of our products can be purchased in bulk at discounted pricing. Mix and match any of our apparel items to qualify for bulk pricing.

Bulk Order Tshirt Pricing
Qualify for bulk pricing on our t-shirts by ordering 10 or more total apparel items. Mix and match with other apparel items to qualify for these discounts.

10 to 24 items: $16 each
25 to 49 items: $14 each
50 to 99 items: $12 each
100 to 249 items: $10 each
250+ items: $9 each
*Add extra $3 each for long-sleeve t-shirts
*Add extra $1.50 each for sizes 2XL and above

Bulk Order Hoodie and Sweatshirt Pricing
Qualify for bulk pricing on our hoodies and sweatshirts by ordering 10 or more total apparel items. Mix and match with t-shirts and other apparel items to qualify for these discounts.

10 to 18 items: $5 off web prices
19 to 24 items: $6 off web prices
25 to 49 items: $7 off web prices
50 to 99 items: $8 off web prices
100+ items: $10 off web prices
*Size surcharges for sizes 2XL+ will apply

Want customization?
We print all of our apparel in house! This means that we can customize our items in almost any way. Contact us with your ideas and to get a quote.
Have a budget?
Contact us with your needs and give us details about your group or special event, and we will put together something awesome for you!
FREE SHIPPING on all bulk orders • FREE t-shirt/ink color changes on orders of 25 or more

If you would like to meet Stevie in person and see their products  in person you can go Upcoming Events to view their upcoming events and expos they will be at!

Don’t forget to go to their Facebook 3E Love's Facebook to send some love their way


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  1. What an amazing company and story! That is so touching to see a brothers love and dedication!


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