Sunday, December 18, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards Codes- December

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards Program? Are you looking for free Disney Movie Rewards codes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have some codes for you!
You can get 5 points every day by using following codes now thru 12/25/2011. Please note, these codes can only be used on those days showing before the codes.
DEC. 16-18 code for 5 points: 25DOC93HFDKQ
DEC. 19 code for 5 points: 25DOC83EALDJ
DEC. 20 code for 5 points: 25DOCDKSAF8S
DEC. 21  code for 5 points: 25DOCLKDAJFE
DEC. 22 code for 5 points: 25DOCEKJFAKX
DEC. 23-25 code for 5 points: 25DOCFJKARJF
New Disney Movie Rewards code for 5 points: KDAHFKH6780
Disney movie rewards survey offer – Fill out their surveys for up to 175 bonus points.
How to redeem the codes:
Go the website and enter one of the above codes into the “Enter Magic Code” box, then click the “GO” button. You will be asked to sign in your Disney Movie Rewards account, so you can start redeeming points immediately. When you collect enough points, you can use them to purchase specially marked Disney DVDs, Disney Blu-ray discs, and more.
Please note, you should not enter more than 10 rewards codes in one day.

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