Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free Baby ASL posters

I have always been an advocate for teaching people American Sign Language (ASL) and when I found this site to say the least I was extremely excited!  I believe that it is best to teach children ASL when they are younger because it is easier and you can teach them the spoken language at the same time as ASL.  This makes it easier to teach.  Even just knowing a few words is better than none especially now that more and more deaf students are going to public schools instead of private schools made specifically for deaf individuals.

If you go to Sign 2 Me's website and sign up for their Spotlight Newsletter you will receive 3 free gifts.  These gifts include a free ASL Alphabet chart, 6 free getting started ASL signs, and a free MP3 song from Lil' Pick Me Up! Just go HERE and sign up for the newsletter!

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