Friday, December 23, 2011

New Additions!!!

There have been some new additions to the blog that  I thought this should be brought to your attention.  I have added a few new pages to my blog.  The first thing that was added is a page designated to current giveaways that I am hosting as well as other people's giveaways.  If you have a giveaway that you would like to have added please let me know and I will work on adding it to the list. The second new page that I added is for  Now instead of going to their website you can print their coupons off right here on my blog.  

I don't think I ever went over all of the different pages on here so I will cover the rest of them really quick.  From left to right there is Home, PR Friendly, About Parsimonious Pash, Couponing Lingo, Coupon Policy List, Meijer Coupon Policy, Military Coupon Information, Coupon Websites, Ways to earn Cash and then the two I already mentioned.  Most of these are pretty straight forward the second page is for any companies that are out there and would like me to review a product of theirs.  The next is a little bit of information about me if you would like to know the story behind the blog.  All of the couponing pages give you the information you need to start couponing on a regular basis. I will add to these if I come across anything that I am missing or if anyone asks for me to find something specific out for them.  

In addition to these new additions I have added a PunchTab rewards program onto the blog.  You can earn points daily by doing different things on my blog such as liking me on Facebook, tweeting about my blog, leaving comments and many other things.  The more points you earn the bigger the prize you can earn.  Right now you can earn money for Amazon, Groupon, or Zynga!  So, remember to log in to the rewards program through the red ribbon on the right side of the page and to earn your points!!! Be active and the bigger giveaways and prizes I will have here on my blog!!!

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