Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amazing new Deals Website: PalTip!!!

I have something to talk to you about today!  I have been so excited these past few days finding new websites and deals online!  This particular post is about Pal Tip.  PalTip is a brand new website out there to help out their members!  They are so new that they are still in BETA, but you can join and become an early adapter like me!!!  This next section is taken from PalTip's Facebook page and describes what their website is really about.

“ the First Affiliate Website for Individuals, Experts and Gurus
Are you one of those people "in the know?" Do you just love recommending something good you found? Are your friends always pinging you for advice on the latest gadgets? Best vacation spots? Best online shopping sites?

We know, we know, you just do it out of the kindness of your great big heart! But, what if for each tip that you gave anyway, you could be "tipped" back?

Welcome to PalTip!
PalTip is an easy way to become an "affiliate" - that means a kind of virtual rep of any online service or site without having to register with them or be hired by them!

You send us the link of the product or service you want to recommend and we create an instant link that you can share by mail, Facebook, Twitter or your own Blog!

When anyone clicks on your personalized link, you get a commission on the amount they spent!
Sound too good to be true? It's true! No catch, no strings attached, no fees that you have to pay - just tips you're used to making - only better!” PalTip’s Facebook Page.

I have started using this website and absolutely love it!  It is easy to navigate the owners are so nice and love talking with you!  I also find it really helpful because I can see other people’s posts and find great deals from new places that I had not been finding before!  Another great feature that comes with PalTip is that any Tip that you post can be forwarded to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace, and Pin Interest.  Not only can you post them on those social networking sites, but you can also fast post to Blogger, Wordpress, delicious, and friendfeed. I highly recommend you head on over to PalTip and register with them.  When you sign up tell them I sent you!

You can also find them on their other social networking pages:

I have also included their little intro videos here on the entry for you to view because they are so cute and informative!

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