Friday, January 13, 2012

DASH Medical Gloves Giveaway 1/14 - 2/1

Recently I was given samples of DASH gloves.  I found these gloves to be very helpful for me around the house.  I am a person that reacts poorly with chemicals and cleaning products and am starting to make adjustments trying out “Green” products and now this technique of wearing gloves while I clean.  

Gloves have so many purposes and aren’t something just to be used in medical offices.   If you are a babysitter these are good to have on hand in case you end up having to work with a cut or blood.  It is never said that being too safe is bad. 

Alaste Medical Gloves

Vinyl PF Medical Gloves

Nitrate PF with Aloe Medical Gloves

Aloe Pro Synthetic Medical Gloves

The winner of this giveaway will win a Small Sample pair of DASH Aloe PRO Synthetic, Alaste, Vinyl PF, and Nitrate PF with Aloe gloves.

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