Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blogger Beauty Giveaway Opp!!!

I am going to be hosting a beauty giveaway on my new blog to get some new followers. This giveaway will be from March 8th-22nd. I will be posting this on my page and would like to get some more prizes and other blogs included in on the giveaway. I will be posting this on both of my blogs. My prize will be two Mary Kay lipsticks and a cute little plaid bag that can be used to carry cosmetics or other things in it. 

I am asking a $4 fee to enter and have Facebook and Twitter included in the fee. You can then either add $2 for each additional link that you would like included or you can include a prize for the giveaway. Each prize needs to be worth $5 or more and each prize is worth one additional link. You can add up links with one prize for more then one link if the value is more. Example: $10 value=2 links, $15 value=3 links, ect.
Fill out the form HERE to enter! 

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