Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Deals on Candles!!!

Are you a huge fan of Candles like I am?  I love them so much!  I always have something burning in my house when I am home.  I recently found and started selling Scentsy!  This is the best thing EVER!  I get to have the candles I love while keeping my house safe for my pets and safe from open flames!  

What is great about Scentsy is that these do not have an open flame and the wax that melts is not hot enough to burn you!  This makes it even safe to be around children and small pets!

Check out the deals at my Scentsy Store because until the end of the month EVERYTHING is 10% off!  Not only is everything 10% off but there are also many CLEARANCE warmers and scents!  The other great deal is this months Charity Buddy which the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald Charity!!! 

HURRY and buy before these deals go away!!!

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