Monday, February 6, 2012

New Coupon Site!

Coupon Refund is not exactly a new website, however it is new to me.  I came across this website through one of the social networking sites that I am a part of.  What is great about them is that they stay on top of all of the online shopping coupons!  They make sure that they have a wide selection of stores and work hard to put up everything they can find!  They have over 60,000 different online coupon codes and discount codes!  

What I like about their website over other online coupon websites is that you can search by store name, category, or they even have lists containing all of the coupons for things like free shipping, expiring soon, clearance, percent off, and money off.  Those categories are something I have not seen anywhere else and they are ones that I would use when I am looking for great deals!

Check them out on their website, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

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