Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rover Respond'R Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Wag'N Rover Respond'R Mobile Emergency Information Kit.  I know I have talked about this before, but my pets are my children.  I love them to death and I spoil them just like I probably would a child. 

This Emergency Kit comes with:
An Emergency Pocket Folder
A RR Alert Decal
A RR Home Alert Decal
2 Emergency Animal Transport Forms
1 Wag'N Pet Passport (for 1 dog)
1 Interactive DVD

FREE Pet First Aid Bandana

On top of all of these wonderful things you will be getting there is also an interactive DVD that comes with the Emergency kit.  This DVD is full of useful forms such as: Pet Owner Form, Pet Profile Form, Emergency Contact Form, a Wallet Emergency Card, and two Printable Lost/Stolen Pet Signs.

I loved these printable forms because you can put in the information and print it off and do it again for an additional pets or when information changes about your pet or any of your contact information such as a phone number change or address change.

The first thing I did when I got my package in the mail was open it up and look at the bandana which is really cool.  I tried to tie it around my dog's neck, but he wouldn't let me keep that on long enough for even a picture.  
When you purchase your Emergency Kit  you can choose your FREE Bandana color from: Red, Orange, Dark Brown, or Light Pink.  I was sent the orange one which I think if your dog is going to wear when you are out on trips is perfect because of how bright it is.  I think if we ever go hiking or camping I would find a way to keep it around his neck just because I know it will stand out.

After trying out the bandana I put in the DVD and made all of my forms and printed and folded them up into the folder that was provided with the kit.  I already had a pet decal in my house on the front door so I added this one to our back door.  I figure the two main points of entry for firemen would be those two doors.

Once I had gone through everything I put it all in the glove compartment of my car like instructed and have it there in case it is ever needed.  I do want to take my dog, Kratos to the vet and get all of his paperwork and shots updated and filled out in the passport that as given to me.  I already had little books like that for my cats that was given to me when I got them, but not for my dog.  I think these are real handy so if you move or anything you can show it with the vets signature so they know the tests were truly done.

Overall, I have to say that I love this Emergency Kit and that it is definitely worth the $34.95.  They do also have the same kit for cats/ferrets and I am thinking about getting a cat kit and an additional cat passport.

If you like their products then head on over and follow Wag'N Pet Safety on Twitter, or like Wag'N Enterprises on Facebook.  I would love it if you tell them that I sent you!

I was compensated for this review by being given a free product, however these opinions are 100% mine.

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