Friday, February 3, 2012

SmartBones Review

I know many people out there are pet lovers like me!  I love my pets to death!  You have no idea!  I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review SmartBones!  I have a larger dog so I was give the bones made for dogs 50+ pounds in size!  My dog is a heavy chewer and he is a little on the picky side.  Now, I am not saying he won't eat anything you put in front of him, but he is always timid at first when given a new food to eat.  

Lately we had been noticing that his breath was smelling pretty bad.  These SmartBones did the trick!  They were great.  His breath smelled so much better and he loved chewing on them.  I will show you the whole saga.  For now let me tell you a little about SmartBones!  

SmartBones come in two different flavors chicken or peanut butter and are chalked full of natural vitamins, chicken, and vegetables!  These treats also come in dental varieties with added benefits (Like I found with making his breath smell good!) 

These bones also come in four different sizes depending on the size of your dog!

The large SmartBones that I was given were the size of the larger rawhide bones that you can buy at the store which took my dog awhile to go through.  You can buy these at many different locations just go to their website SmartBones to find locations near you or to purchase online!

Now to show you the cuteness that is my dog (and cat).  The first thing that I did was take the bag out of the mailer and instantly my dog jumped up.  He always knows when something is for him even if he has never seen it before, how he knows this I do not know! So, as I manage to open the package, which took a couple tries with my hands, he was jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean.  I mentioned before that he is sort of picky.  When I handed it to him it took a little coaxing for him to actually take it from me.

Kratos sniffing the bone.

Now, I have to add a side note here.  Not only was my dog interested in this treat, but so was my cat, Gonzo.  He always wants to have whatever the dog is having and it is so cute!

Kratos and Gonzo

You can see here both the cat and the dog were checking out the bone once he took it from me.  Gonzo was sniffing from afar while Kratos kept nudging it with his nose.

Once Kratos had decided it was his he picked it up and moved just a little turning his back on the cat like he always does when he gets a treat, but of course the cat just kept getting closer!

He was in love with it!  He kept chewing on it and playing with it just like his inner puppy likes to do.  I swear he acts like he is still 2 and not 6!

Overall this treat was a complete hit in my house!  The cat enjoyed watching the dog play and chew on his new treat and my dog was in love with the bone!

My overall opinion for these is that they are great!  The pros are that they are great for his breath making it smell great!  They are also durable so he does not eat it in one bite and want more instead he can take his time and eat it while playing with it which is important since he destroys toys really fast!  The cons for the product are really minor.  My only con is that he made a mess with the bones.  There were little tiny pieces of the hard bone on the floor from him tearing it up.  This happens whenever we buy him a bone in this shape instead of something that is in a flat strip.  These pieces do hurt my tender feet so I had to vacuum them up right away!  They would also be a hazard if you have a mobile baby in the home.

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