Friday, March 16, 2012

Award season is coming!

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

Every year about this time when I realize that award season is right around the corner I get a little giddy. I love award season. I love the pageantry and fanfare of it all. I love the gowns and the red carpet and the hair. I love that we can honor people who are so greatly talented. I also love that I get to throw a party to celebrate a TV show! When the time comes for the Academy Awards it is like a sacred event in my house. As soon as they announce the day and time slot I am running to my directv DVR to set the recording. I am sending out movie themed e-vites to all my nearest and dearest and I am running out to the nearest party supply store to pick up all things movie and film related. Next to Christmas this is my favorite time of the year. I think this year I will make it a formal affair so everyone has to wear their most Oscar worthy evening gown. Even if it is from the back of their closet and it hasn’t seen daylight since Back To The Future was in the theater. Ok gotta run. I have to go pick out the themed favors for my big night!


  1. Hmm. I am not sure. Lol. I don't really follow it. This was a sponsored post written by another woman for her company. :)

    1. OOHHH, I see! I looked it up, it was in february =)


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