Thursday, March 15, 2012

Impatiens Designs Review

I was given the opportunity to review a product from Impatiens Designs Jewelry!  You will want to check this out because her jewelry is amazing!  She allowed me to pick out a product that is listed in her Impatiens Store Online

I asked to review the Xenon Jewelry Set.   I chose this set because I love the color blue and I love things that are unique looking and these really are.  The necklace is a 16” necklace on a rubber cording with blue Lucite flowers and copper filigree, findings.  I love that it has a magnetic clasp because I can actually put it on without asking for help!  Normal clasps I cannot manipulate with my fingers.  The earrings are made of the same blue Lucite flowers on a copper fitting.

This set is a reasonable price of only $10.  Again I want to emphasize how much I like the magnetic clasp however if you have a baby this may not be something you want.  The flowers are a little rough and if you pull on the necklace you can unclasp it so a baby could easily grab it and pull it off.  That can be a perk or a negative depending on how you view it.  The perk is that you won’t have the constant tugging of the necklace while the negative is that the baby could take it away and possibly hurt themselves with it.

The other feature that I love about this particular piece of jewelry is that when a high frequency electrical field passes through it the Xenon glows bright blue! 

You can check out the rest of her amazing products at her STORE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and her PORTFOLIO.

I would like to also share with you some of my other favorite pieces that she has on her store.

This Gold & Black Orbital Ball Pendant Necklace.  This is made with Gold and Black Craft wire.

"These earrings are modeled after rain chains that hang outside buddhist temples. they catch the rain, and direct it to a certain place, kind of like gutters, only prettier. The idea of "4th of 5" is important in buddhism, and include the 5 precepts, and the Skandha (the 5 aggregates)."

These are a pretty forest and nature-like colors made of dark copper and green craft wire.   

Now, that you have looked at her products what do you like!?  I would love to hear!!! 

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