Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wholesale Keychain Review

I was given the chance to host a review and giveaway which will be posted later for Wholesale Keychains.  The owner of Wholesale Keychains was great to work with and a great guy!  I am very glad that I got to work with him.  Wholesale Keychains is a great company that has a HUGE selection of keychains covering most anything you could want.  You can make almost every keychain unique by personalizing it with an engraving.

For this giveaway I was allowed to pick out two different keychains to review.  The first one that I picked out I chose for me.  I LOVE keychains.  Let me emphasize this.  I have 5 already and now 6 on my keychain clip.  I know that is a lot for a total of 5 keys. 

The keychain that I picked out is a teardrop shaped Red Wings Keychain.  I chose not to get this one personalized since I could not think of something to write on it.  I love this keychain.  It is a high quality one.  I was testing it out on my keys because I put them through a lot and it has held up really well.  I will love having this on my keys especially when I visit my family in Illinois showing of my Detroit Red Wings gear!

The second keychain I picked out was a Multi-Tool Keychain for my boyfriend.  This one I did personalize and he gave me crap for it when I surprised him with it.  It was quite entertaining.  His keychain is great and versatile.  Now he has a small Multi-Tool with him all the time instead of carrying his bigger bulkier one with him.  

I know the engraving that I put on it is rather cheesy.  I had "Remember me and be safe Me Love!" written on it.  It took me forever to pick it out because you can only have so many characters per line and only three lines.  The engraving came out really nicely and looks great.  I am glad that I did get one with an engraving on it!  In the picture above I did not pull everything out but you can see there are many different tools on it.

Here is a close up view of what I had engraved on the keychain.

Overall I was really pleased with the turn around time for these keychains as well as the quality.  The first keychain also has a working light on the bottom of it which is really nice because I am always needing a light and I did not have one on my keychain!

*Parsimonious Pash was compensated to provide this post. I was provided a product to facilitate a review. All opinions are mine and in no way were they influenced by the sponsor.  I provide 100% honest opinions fot the products that I recieve and review.*



  1. I like the wings...reminds me of one of my favorite dongs, "Given to Fly". :)

  2. I like the teardrop one, but then again I like the one with the tools too. It looks like that would come in handy!

  3. I love key chains too. I enjoyed your multitool review.

  4. I would love to get the multi-tool one for my hubs. He is always needing to fix something. I love the quality of the keychain and the option to personalize.

    Ann Fudge Cluck

  5. I love the Multi-Tool Keychain and your engraving is so sweet. I would say something similar on mine!

  6. The multitool as a keychain is a brilliant idea!


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