Tuesday, April 24, 2012

**BLOGGER OPP** Entertainment Explosion Blog Hop!

Welcome to Entertainment Explosion Blog Hop

Entertainment Explosion is an entertainment themed blog hop! Promoting all things entertainment, books, music, games, movies, gift cards, etc.

The Details:
  • Entertainment explosion will launch on June 1st at midnight and end on June 15th at midnight.
  • This is a themed event so your prizes must be related to entertainment. Gift Cards are fine as long as they are to places that carry entertainment items, such as Amazon. Value of Giveaway must not be less than $20.00
  • Your post will need to be live by June 1st at 9am and end at 12:01am on June 16th (date for rafflecopter)
  • If your event is not posted by 9am on the 1st of June, your link will be removed from the Entertainment Explosion Blog Hop.
  • Your post must include the Entertainment Explosion graphic and the HTML that will be provided.
  • The linky html must be included to make sure your readers are "hopping" to other blogs
  • Please include all disclosures, do not use Google + or violate any facebook policies.

All updates and any questions you may have can be address at the TCB Events & Promotions Facebook Group we ask that you do join the group as we post updates there and respond to all questions quicker. While you can feel free to email either The Coupon Bible or Parsimonious Pash, the group will tend to respond to your questions faster and prevents lost emails.

Entertainment Explosion Blog Hop will be capped at the first 100 blogs.

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