Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Current Favorite Book Series!

Ever since I was little I have loved Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Paranormal novels and movies.  Growing up I read everything from John Grisham to Charles Dickens (when I was around 14 years old).  As I grew I continued to read eagerly competing with cousins to see who could read the Harry Potter books, even working the midnight launch for the fourth book Goblet of Fire!  Moving beyond that I read through The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!  I loved all of these books for some many reasons.

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I have to admit I have a thing for romance novels.  The current series I am COMPLETELY hooked is something for the women out there.  This series is not something I would suggest for younger audiences because it does have sex and such in the books.  One thing I love about these is that the sex portions of the book aren't cheesy they actually feel like something that could really happen and you actually can relate to the characters.

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So, if you are into paranormal these books are for you.  I know I keep talking and I still haven't mentioned what the series is or who the author is.  That's pretty mean of me isn't it?  The author is Sherrilyn Kenyon she has produced a few different series over the years.  Currently I am hooked on Dark-Hunters, Dream-Hunters, were-Hunter, Hellchaser Series, and The Chronicles of Nick.  All of these series mingle within each other.  You will find characters overlapping.

This is the first book in the
Chronicles of Nick Series.

I love the characters in these stories.  They are crazy in depth and you really connect with them all.  She covers ancient history with some of the immortal type beings in the books and gets the history accurate while also getting the current world accurate as well.  I love reading about real places, being able to pretend that they could be really happening right now.

I have not read all of the books yet, but I have read many of them!  One thing that is great is that she shows you on the website the order that you should read the books in however you can really read any of them at once because most of them are all happening at or around the same time.

Check out the video trailer for her newest book in the Chronicles of Nick Series!

You can check out all of her books and merchandise on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Website!

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