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INTERVIEW: Jwan Jordan Comic Book Artist and Author!

Interview with Jwan Jordan Comic Book Artist and Author!

Tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Jwan Jordan. I was born in Flint, Mi. Shortly after my birth my father, an experienced martial artist, moved my family to Hollywood and began his career as a stuntman.  While growing up in L.A. I spent a lot of time inside the Walt Disney Art Department where I got to watch a lot of iconic Disney characters being drawn right before my very eyes.  Needless to say it was that moment that inspired me to want to create comics.

Out of everything that you have written what is your favorite comic?
I'd have to say Affairs of the Mind is my favorite story.  AOTM, for short, compliments my motivational seminars well because the character is very much human and vulnerable to real life scenarios and  everyone can relate to it.

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Which of your characters is your favorite?
Rose Wood from Affairs of the Mind is easily my favorite under dog hero.  She has a lot of responsibility with no super human powers.  She needs to rely on her friends and herself in order to accomplish her goals. 

Do you have any new comics or anything coming out or in the works at the moment?
I'm currently working on a title called “The Book of Abraham.” Which will be released late next year. Details will follow on My blog 

What is your big dream or goal with your comics?
My true dream is have a Saturday morning cartoon for kids. Similar to Ben 10 and cartoon network series that are fun to watch and I would like to add an education message at the end of each cartoon like back in the 80's when cartoons were really good and wholesome.

Where can people find them?
You can find my books on or contact me on Facebook or My Blog.

What has influenced you in some way?
I'm a 1980's kid so a lot of its effects rubbed off on me.  I grew up with Hulk Hogan telling me to “Eat my vitamins, say my prayers and stay in school!”  I grew up with watching the Tick, G.I. Joe, and ton of other oldies but goodies and I just remember this childish awe of loving these charcters that always seemed to provide me with entertainment and  wrap up the show with a positive message that I could take away from it afterward. Its that type of world that influenced me as a kid and I would like to bring that back.

Do you have a favorite Comic or character?  If so who or what and why.
I'm a big nerd and I love a lot of characters but my favorites are Spider-Man and Superman.  Two characters that desperately try to make a difference in the world with the powers they have and maintain some form of a civil life really strikes a cord with me and I love it.  I think we could learn a lot even from fictional characters.

Are you a fan of comic books!? I know I have always loved comic books as well as manga! Jwan Jordan is a friend of mine and I am proud to spotlight him here on my blog! I hope that you all enjoyed his interview! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and either I or Jwan will get answers out to you! 

Jwan will be in Detroit, MI at Motor City ComicCon this May!!! More details to follow in the near future!

You can find Jwan on his new BLOG, FACEBOOK PAGE, and TWITTER accounts.


  1. Love getting to know authors like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing about him. I hope he wants to do a giveaway once his new comic book comes out.

    I agree, I wish more things were wholesome for the kids these days.

    Let them just be kids longer!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting person!

  4. Oooh, sounds like something I would read. I love Anime :)

  5. I love hearing that there are people who are looking to create wholesome cartoons and comic books for our children. Sometimes I cringe when I see the cartoons that catch my son's eyes. Being an 80s girl also, I bet I would enjoy Jwan's work!!

  6. Love your interview! My youngest son is interested in drawing ~ especially drawing comics. I will have to share this interview with him. :o)

  7. See you at the comic con ,dad Ken Jordan


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