Saturday, May 26, 2012

Could it Kill Your Child!?

You may or may have not heard about this, but it is all over the news today!  Washington Poison Control keeps getting calls bout children ingesting Tide PODS.  It hadn't occurred to me what could happen having these in your home!  

Yes, these are a new product and I know many people have been trying them out.  If you look at the picture above maybe you will see what I see.  The Tide PODS container looks like a candy jar or a cookie jar something so many children are used to.  Not only that, but look at the individual Tide PODS.

Image Courtesy of Tide

Tell me what you think these look like?  Maybe to you they don't look like anything to you, but I bet to a child they look like a colorful snack or toy.  We all know that little children especially love putting things in their mouth.  This could be VERY bad!  Why?  Because the membrane on these Tide PODS is VERY soluble.  I watched when I used it in my wash with the free trial I received and it only took moments for it to be dissolved.

These PODS can be VERY toxic to children since they aren't like normal detergents.  These PODS can be 2x to 4x as strong of a concentrate as normal laundry detergent is which is how they make the packages so small n comparison to how much you pour in for powdered or liquid detergents.

P&G has announced that they WILL be creating a new lid for the Tide PODS that will have an additional latch on it to help aid in preventing children from being able to get into the containers.  I think that it is great that they are doing this and are saying that it will be out in the next couple of weeks.

However, I also want to urge that it isn't completely P&G's problem.  Put these products up high and away from children so that they are not tempted to try to play or eat these products!  I know you wouldn't let your kid play with pesticides or drain cleaner so why give them to chance to play with these?

Be safe and keep your kids safe.  Now that I have said my two cents, What do you think about all of this?


  1. They should change the container. Bet they will too, on the advice of counsel.

    1. They are adding another latch to it, however I think a container that is not clear would be better to deter children away from them.

  2. Oh my goodness! I don't use these myself, but WOW! Although I keep all of our products high and away, my laundry room shares space with our playroom. I can imagine that it would be very easy for me to accidentally drop one of those little things on the floor in the midst of things,and not realize the potential danger immediately!

    (Thanks for posting, I don't watch news so I would have been oblivious)

    1. It is very scary. I think there is more to blame here than just the company. Everyone needs to be safe around children (and pets, I bet it would be bad if a dog or cat ate it!).

  3. I think it isnt really the companies fault, I dont let your children have access to bleach and other chemicals?? Treat these products these the same!! Great post!


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