Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lenovo speaker M0620 Deal!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo. All opinions are 100% mine.
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Lenovo speaker is a set of external speakers for your computer, though you can use them for more than that!!!  These speakers can be hooked up to not only your computer, but also your laptop, smartphone, or MP3/MP4 player!  On top of all of that these speakers are nice and small which is a perk since the old speakers that I have are really big and bulky and I know how nice it would be to have something nice and small and compact design with great sound quality.

The speakers come with built in amplifliers and a sub-speaker.  having all that is great if you are watching movies, tv shows, or listening to music through these speakers.  I love all of these features because they are of great quality and Lenovo is a well knwn brand that can be trusted as well.

Thes speakers also feature:
  • 4 watts of power for high-quality full sound
  • A convenient USB-powered connection with energy saving function
  • Speaker wire spools for convenient storage
  • Elegant yet substantial presentation

You can see why I think that these speakers are something that I want to get for myself.  On top of everything that I have already mentioned these speakers are also on sale!  Isn't that great?  You can get these speakers for $11.99 from 5/15-5/21!  If you are looking for speakers than now is the best time to get some.

What do you think of these speakers?  Do they sound like they are something that you would buy for yourself?  

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  1. Love the energy saving function. My teens go through so many speakers!

  2. They look nice! I have been wanting to get speakers like that. I'll have to bring it up with the hubster

  3. I love how they look! I am actually thinking of buying this for my computer. I have cheap crappy speakers.

  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing :)


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