Saturday, April 28, 2012

Litter-Robot Review

Now, I was given the opportunity to review the Litter Robot.  I was more than excited to review this.  I knew what I was getting.  I had read their website and looking over the dimensions and everything, but when I saw the UPS man walking up with this box, mind you it is almost as tall as my recliner, I was like WOW!  This box was HUGE.

My boyfriend was leery.  He kept asking me, "what did you get us!?" I was like don't worry it's not as big as the box, and it's not, but it is still big.   So we unpacked the box and pulled it out.  This was really easy to put together.  You have the base that has the drawer in it, step, and buttons to run the Litter Robot.  You take the top portion and line it up so the lip is in the center on the track which again wasn't hard.

I followed the directions and made sure it was turned off then plugged it in.  Once that was done I had two options I could either pour the cat litter in through the front or turn it on and push the fill button and it would put the waste doors up top for me.  I poured it in through the front and still do even though i did try through those holes.  I just find it easier to do it through the front.  Once that is done you run the cycle which takes approximately 3 minutes.   This lets the machine run and even out the cat litter so that it is nice and flat and even.

The Litter-Robot II Bubble Unit in Beige is the exact model that I was sent and I love it.  The bubble is nice for cats that are bigger or do not like confined spaces.  Neither of my cats seem to care either way. They do their business and are off on their way.

They suggest you do not change the type of cat litter on your cats when you are switching to this litter box.  However you cannot use the pellet litters because they will not sift through.  One of the brands they suggest is World's Best which I had already been using.  So, when I set it up I poured in a new bag and then once I saw my cats in the room I made it spin both were weary.

Deimos, my black cat, tried to stalk it.  He walked really low his eyes slits as he slowly moved toward it while Gonzo my grey striped cat hide beneath a stool in the room.  They quickly adjusted.  I left it off as they started to use it and cleaned it by running it only when they were in the room.  After a week I left it on and I noticed they HAD to watch it clean it.  Then after week two I completely threw out their old litter box.

It didn't take long for my cats to adjust, but then only one of my cats is picky and I think they love how it is always clean.  Now, the only thing I need to tackle is how to teach them to NOT get cat litter all over my house!!! Lol.

I really recommend this litter box in despite of it's price.  The reason I say go spend the $360 on it is because I have been using less cat litter than I was before and it makes a huge difference in cleanliness and over all smell from the cat box.  


  1. The Deathstar!

    I've seen this before. Do you think it would work for plus sized kitties?

    1. They do have a weight restriction. I can look it up. I also believe they have one coming out for plus sized kitties. I will look into it for you Kathleen.

      And it does look like the Deathstar!!! Lol.

      How big is your kitty? My black cat is 20 lbs and he fits fine.

  2. I absolutely love our Litter Robot!!! I'd been wanting one for a LONG time but ending up winning one on a blog. I was so excited, I almost jumped out of my chair to do the happy dance.

    I have three cats, and all three of them use it. They love it because the litter is constantly clean and it's deeper so they can dig around in it. LOL.

    My biggest cat is very short and round (fat) and he fits fine. He only weighs 18 lbs though and he fits fine. It did take him a little longer than the others to use it, I'm sure because of his size he was leary he wouldn't fit. Now he gets in and uses it like nobody's business!! He can move around and has more than plenty of room.

  3. Glad to hear the kitties adjusted okay. I think my cats would have been a little concerned about it until they realized it kept things clean for them. I wonder if this would work for my oldest cat. Although he used to be plus size before having a thyroid problem, he's skinny now. However, he's a tall kitty. Thanks for the review!

    1. I would think that even a tall cat would fit. The bubble is pretty tall and my cats aren't exactly small in length or height.


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