Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Mondays!

This week's Music Mondays is an inspirational one! Don't let people's first impressions get the better of you!!  Please watch the whole video and watch everybody's reactions change when she starts singing! You won't believe your ears!!!

This second video is another inspirational piece.  Mind you the video is in Korean with subtitles, but this by has an amazing story and is full of modesty!

Were you inspired by these videos?  What do you find inspirational?


  1. Beautiful! Just goes to show you that with lots of love and passion for something nothing can keep you down!

  2. I remember the woman from the first video, but I have never seen the second one. They truly are remarkable and so inspirational. Never judge someone based your first perceptions of them, you could be so wrong. I think the woman in the first sings so beautifully and the boy from the second just makes me so sad, he is an amazing singer with such talent and has lived such a difficult life. I pray things are better for both of these people now. Thank you for the post.

  3. Ah it is shame the pure talent is having difficult time


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