Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The NEW Greeting Card!

Gonzo hamming it up for the camera.

Have you ever tried to find some new type of card to send a family member or friend?  Is your traditional card too boring?  You might want to try this awesome card!  I was so excited to try this out.  SendaFlyingCard.com has these awesome customized frisbee cards.  They do have a patent pending on their product!

The card that I was sent has my blog header on the front!  My card is a gold frisbee with the image screened on front.  I was very excited when I found this in the mail.  I brought it inside and the first that happened was my cat walking up inspecting it.  Kratos, my dog, and I played fetch with it however his tooth went through it pretty fast (he is a very rough playing dog). 

Gonzo was very interested! What is this thing!?

The image looks pretty nice on the card however because of the dark colors it came out a little dark and the image was a little hard to see though it was very detailed.  This is something that I believe a kid would really love to get for their birthday!  All kids like getting mail right?  I know I loved tossing a frisbee when I was young.

I do love how with this card you can do more then read it and set it aside or on display for a little while.  This is a card that you can play with and interact with!  Overall I really love this greeting card!

They have an awesome list of different ideas for occasions to use these cards.  What is also great is that you get FREE shipping and an optional $1 charge for shipping confirmation.

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