Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sleepy Kitty, Funny Kitty!

Everyone knows that cats can be sneaky, sly little creatures! They also do some really funny things.  This week I learned my lesson.  Never walk away from the dresser when putting clothes away if the drawer is open.  I am saying this because I didn't think anything of it.  I left the drawers open and went to put more clothes in the washer among a couple other little things I went off and did.

When I got back to my dresser I found my striped cat, Gonzo curled up in the drawer with my socks and underwear!  I started laughing and immediately took some pictures.  My cat only opened his eyes once when the camera flashed and then he closed them and went back to sleep.

Gonzo when I first walked into the bedroom.

Grumpy kitty look.  "Why did you wake me mommy?"

"Whatever mommy I'm going back to sleep!" 

I love my cats so much, but they can be sneaky little devils. Lol.  Do you have any pets?  Do they do anything like this?

This post was inspired by Saved By Grace's post "My cat's various sleep positions"


  1. Oh yeah, I have cats. My oldest one, almost 18, died last spring, leaving me with a now 17-year old finicky, almost deaf black cat (Shebat). I introduced a 3-year old Abyssinian-mix (Senna). Senna seems to be a cat's cat but Shebat is not interested. Senna finds a place in each room to be near Shebat. One place she likes in my bedroom is on the shelf on my sweatshirts. That means when I pull out a sweatshirt to wear, it is covered in cat hair! There is no door to the closet so I have no recourse.

    1. We had to put our 16 year old cat down just after Christmas in 2010 and got the two loveable babies we have now afterward. I have the same issue as do with my closet since it doesn't have doors my cats find places to hide and lay. Gonzo pictured above climbs up the sides of a hanging storage shelf for our towels to lay up on the top shelf in the closet!

  2. Aren't cats so full of entertainment? I love my cat so much. He is such a joy! Thanks for sharing and so happy I could inspire you to write a post :o)


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