Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty Spoon Review

The Beauty Spoon's motto is "If you can't get to it, Beauty Spoon It!"  I have to agree with the motto this product is great!  I was excited to try this and I thought that it would be wonderful to use with my lotions!

I have always hated throwing out a bottle that isn't completely empty but there is no good way to get the last of the product. I would shake the bottles and set them upside down  to try to get everything from them, but it never seemed to get it all!

The package comes with two different sized Beauty Spoons.  The shorter pink one has a smaller end on it that can fit into smaller bottles.  The longer grey one has a larger end that can fit into taller larger bottles such as lotion bottles!

See how nicely the grey one fits into the lotion bottle.  The section of the handle that looks like it is folded is flexible as well as a little flexion in the pink spatula end.  That flexibility is what makes it so that you can scrape the lotion or other product from the corners and awkward spots in the container.

I highly recommend this handy little tool for everyone!  It isn't even expensive!  You can get this package with 2 Beauty Spoons for only $9.99!!!

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