Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogger Sign-Ups for Aeropostale Giveaway Event!

This is a great FREE opportunity for all you other bloggers out there!  I signed up for this the instant that I saw the opportunity! 

CouponTrade and Aeropostale are sponsoring this $250 giveaway with three winners, and you can join for FREE!

1st place- $150 Aero GC
2 x 2nd place- $50 Aero GC

Fill out the form below to secure your free Facebook entry!
Optional entries are available at $1 each and you can choose ANYTHING! Email Subs, RSS subs, Picket Fence Votes, Top Mommy Blog Votes, Twitter, Pinterest, Reclipit, you name it!!! (literally…name it in the form 

You will receive the post code and RC code on Friday, 6/15 and your post must go live by noon on Sunday 6/17

Anyone that does NOT post will be removed

Referral Contest:
It has come to my attention that some event coordinators are taking bids to host follow pages of these large events. I am not…lol! In the sign up form below, you will see the required entry for “who referred you”. The top 3 referrers will win a follow page! You will love the additional traffic so share this post, tell your blogger groups, and line up your ads for some extra clicks!

BONUS Opportunity:
We’ve added an entry bonus for SELLING a gift card, with a commission of 83 cents per conversion! This means if someone entering from YOUR site has a gift card to sell on CouponTrade to earn bonus entries, you will earn commission from that entry! To take advantage of this, sign up for MVM-Affiliates for FREE!

Go HERE to sign-up for this giveaway and please say that Parsimonious Pash referred you!

1 comment:

  1. I just signed up and put your name as a referral. :)


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