Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Sleep Memory Foam Slipper Review!

I want to give a big thanks to Nature's Sleep for allowing me the chance to do a review and giveaway of their Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers.  Slippers are something that I really need to wear on a daily basis.  They make it possible for me to walk around my house without wearing my shoes all day long.

The deformities that have occurred to my feet because of my disability cause them to be really painful to just walk around bare foot.  Let me explain this a little more.  My feet have really high arches and I have very little muscle and cushioning to the bottoms of my feet which cause most of the pain.  

These slippers were amazing! I have had them for a couple of months.  I wanted to wait for a thorough review.  The reason for this is because slippers do not last me long.  These ones lasted longer than any other slipper has before though they are now packed down and do not cushion my heel all that much.

I am not dissing these slippers at all.  I love them and wear them everyday as you can tell from my pictures since they are stained and worn. Lol.  I wear them inside and out since they have a nice rubber sole so that you can comfortably walk outside with them.

These slippers fit snugly when I first got them and they have stretched some so that if I do not have socks on I tend to walk right out of them since they are a little loose.  A little stretching is normal wear and tear for slippers though which was expected when I got these slippers.

I also have to admit I love how warm they are and the wonderful light blue color.  These do really keep my feet warm which is needed a lot of the time because my feet get cold easily due to my disability.  These are by far my favorite slippers that I have ever had.

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  1. I like them because of the soft materials they are made of! And they are cute also!


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