Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge Day #12: My Worst Injury

--My Worst Injury--

I was thinking about this a lot and I know a lot of people who have pretty bad injuries.  Mine haven't been very bad surprisingly.  I know in third grade I fell off the bus a cut my knees up real bad and I still have the scars to prove it, though I wouldn't say that it was a terrible injury.  As a third grader I was really upset and I remember my dad having to rush there from work to get me.  He was the one who generally tended to my scrapes and cuts.

I am on the right in Italy during my trip.  I was 15.
I did fracture my ankle within the first two days of my trip through Europe though.  Let me start telling you this story by saying I did not see a doctor for three weeks.  Don't do what I did you will regret it. Lol.  So, it was the second day in Italy at the start of my 3 week trip through Europe.  Everything was going wrong.  A bunch of the students who flew from New York to meet up with us lost their luggage and the phone s weren't working so we couldn't call home.  That really sucked since we all were between the ages of 14 and 17 years old with four chaperons.

I was sharing a room with a friend that I had made shortly before this trip.  The set up of the bathroom is what caused all the problems.  There was no separate shower... the water just was there and went down a drain.  On top of that there was a small step down from the bathroom to the room.  I was stepping out from the bathroom and missed the step and slipped on some water on the floor.  My ankle really hurt but I didn't think it was anything but a sprained ankle so I tossed on an ACE Bandage and was ready to go.  It just kept getting worse and I kept walking on it through the whole trip.  I mentioned it to the chaperons and my mom but no one thought anything of it.  It wasn't till I saw a doctor when I was back home that I found out I had fractured it.

My story doesn't seem all that bad.  My boyfriend has a lot more horror stories than me.  He has slammed his head into concrete, had stitches more than once and broke his thumb.  I think it has something to do with him being a boy. ;) Lol.  Breaking his thumb was while playing football in high school and the other instances were when he was really little.  I have been told his head cracked the concrete. Lol.  I have nothing to verify that though!


  1. That sounds like a horribly set up bathroom! I'm glad it wasn't anything worse, though!


  2. Your mom did think something of it. She was very worried about you but in another country and didn't know what to do to help you. I remember telling you all of my little tricks for dealing with a spained ankle because I suffered from many of them while growing up.


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