Friday, July 6, 2012

FREE BIG Blogger Giveaway Opportunity!

I found the coolest 11k Fan Bonanza that Young Mom's Deals is hosting on her blog!!! I have singed up and I think that this is one that you will not want to miss!!!  You can win some awesome prizes!  Check them all out:

-Mohawk Rug ($150 value)
-SodaStream Machine ($100 value)
-Toe Juice
-Baby Comfy Nose
-JAWS cleaning system
-Sound Beginnings
-Picture Keeper
-It Works Body Wraps
-Child Up Teach Your Child to Count

1 link of your choice is being offered for free in exchange for promoting the giveaway. Each additional link costs $1. I accept Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS, and Email subscribe links. The blogger with the most referrals will win a featured host spot and be given 3 free links!

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