Thursday, May 10, 2012


I got some amazing news the other day when I went to the doctor.  I had gone needing new Assisted Foot Orthoses (AFOs) and Orthotics.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like this guy.  I had never gone to him before and from previous podiatrists and orthopedists that I have seen CMT is a completely strange and unknown disease to them.  However I walked in and he had already looked at my x-rays and immediately asked if I had CMT!  I was so excited, that never happens!  He informed me that he has a handful of patients with CMT so he had an idea what different CMT feet could look like.

Over the years I have tried different AFOs and this pair that is being made I am extremely excited for the new ones!  I want to show you images of the style of AFO that I have had over the years before I show you the type that I will be getting.

Photo Courtesy of 
My first AFO was a thermoplastic AFO made out of Polypropylene plastic.  My AFO had an additional strap around the ankle, but the trim lines for the shape of the AFO were very similar to this.  These AFOs were very rigid and I could not move my foot or ankle in them and they caused pain in my Achilles tendon so I did not wear these very much.

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My second pair of AFOs lasted my two years.  They were prefabricated Blue Rocker AFOs.  I liked these ones a lot.  Instead of being made out of plastic these are made out of Carbon Fiber.  It is a lot thinner, less bulky, and lighter.  On top of that these are in the front rather than back which alleviated the Achilles Tendon pain.  I also was able to have a little bit of movement with my ankles in these AFOs.

Photo Courtesy of Kinetic Research

The final images are two different types of "Noodle" AFOs which mine will look like.  Mine is going to be custom made so it will not be exactly like either of these but a mesh of the two to make the perfect brace for me.

Photo Courtesy of Kinetic Research

Did you know about AFOs before this post?  
I thank you for reading about my exciting news and I would love to hear what your newest good news is!!!


  1. This is awesome! I am so amazed at the technology and what they can do today! There is a man at our college that has an actual let that uses an orthotic that looks something like your new one. He walks well enough and comfortable enough with it, you don't know it is there. Congrats on your new one. You will have to post pics for us when you get it.

    1. I will definitely post pictures. I may also do a before and after mini video if I can get the video camera working.


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