Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CJ's BUTTer Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review CJ's BUTTer®. These products were created by CJ S. Miller out of her kitchen because she was determined to make a cloth diaper friendly diaper cream for her children.  This Original BUTTer® formula she created turned out to not only be known internationally as the best cloth diaper cream, however with its all natural ingredients   it has been found to have great healing qualities.

It has been known to treat such troubles as:

Sunburn pain & peeling
Allergy rash & peeling
Wind burned cheeks
Very dry/chapped skin
Alligator elbows
Mechanic’s hands
Incontinence protection
Hang nails
Circumcision care
Dry, cracked feet
Itchy pregnant tummies
Bug Bites
Severe diaper rash
Cradle Cap
Cold Sores
Stretch marks
Hair Conditioning Treatments
And more uses are found all the time…

The first product that I tried out was The Original CJ's BUTTer®.  This product came in the 1/2 oz sample size.  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have not used even half of it.  I have been applying it behind my ears and around my eyes once or twice a day.  This product has been really helping me out in reducing inflammation as well as the flaky, scaliness that comes with eczema.

I was also provided this in additional scents from just the Original CJ's BUTTer®.  These scents were Bergamot Coriander, Sensuality, and Intrigue.  Sensuality is a blend of ylang, ylang & myrrh and Intrigue is a blend of orange, lemon, & petitgrain.  I absolutely fell in love with the Bergamot Coriander which of them is going to always be my favorite.  My second favorite would have to be Intrigue.  Sensuality is a nice scent however it is a little strong for me.  I also prefer sweet and fruity scents while the Sensuality is a flowery and spicy scent because of the myrrh which is spicy and the ylang ylang which mixes in a flowery scent.

The second product that I sampled was the CJ's BUTTer® Spritz Unscented.  This has multiple uses.  I tried using it as a spritz spray on my skin after my shower and felt my skin much softer and much easier and faster than putting lotion on everywhere.  I also tried this on my boyfriend's unruly frizzy hair.  It seemed to help it be a little less wild though we still have not found anything to reduce the frizziness or curls.

The third product I tried was CJ's Carcass Cleaner Tea Tree Scent.  This comes in a foaming pump like many hand soaps can be bought in, however because it is a natural product and does not contain the sythetic lathering agent it does not lather.  I am a fan of Tea Tree oil however I felt this was a very strong scent.  I used it on my hair massaging it into my scalp which seemed to help a little with the dandruff and dry scalp.  I have been trying to stop using products like Head and Shoulders so I just used this and than Shampoo'd with my normal Shampoo.

The fourth product I sampled was CJ's Peppermint Cream Lotion.  This cream has been amazing with the fluxuating temperatures that we have been having here in Michigan.  It creates a cooling soothing sensation on tired and aching feet and legs.  In addition to my feet and legs it helps a lot with my hands since in the warmer weather my nerves in my hands and feet go haywire and this cream really helps to bring them back to a neutral temperature which helps relieve achiness and tiredness that often occurs.  It also helps my hands because when they are hot I have less grip and weaker hands so it helps me to regain the strength that I do have left in them.

The final product that I sampled was two different flavors of CJ's BUTTer® Lip Balm.  These two came in Unflavored and Lip-tricity which is brand new and made with essential peppermint oil.  During most of the day I use the Unflavored which is what I normally prefer, but when I need something nice to smell the Lip-tricity is great!

Overall I loved all of the products that I was sent and I am very satisfied with them and would recommend them to other people.  I do know that the peppermint items have been known to help reduce migraines however I was unable to test this as my boyfriend has not had any since I received these products.

**While I love this company's products and do highly recommend them I wanted to make note that I received these products in a timely manner however over the past few weeks I have made multiple attempts to contact them and to no avail I have had no responses.**

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