Tuesday, May 22, 2012

System Mechanic 10.8 Review

I jumped on the opportunity to review System Mechanic 10.8 because I love keeping my computer safe and as clean as I can since I am on the internet a lot and I know that it is not the safest thing in the world.  I found this product very easy to install and use.

I was really excited when I found out that there is no install limit on the software like so many products!  Most things that I buy give a 3 product install limit which is annoying if you have more than three computers or if you need to re-install after a system wipe.

I installed this really fast and then followed the instructions and ran the scan on my computer.  Once that was complete it told me what was wrong and let me choose what I wanted to fix.  This program worked great and helped speed up my laptop.  On top of that it also updates regularly and I perform scans occasionally just to make sure that everything is still ok.

If this program sounds good to you there are two things that you can do.  The first is that you can go download Free product with only 7 of the 50 tools of all of their software.  The second thing that you can do is enter the giveaway to win the System Mechanic 10.8 that will be beginning 5/26 so be on the look out for it!


  1. I need so bad it has taken me 30 min to enter this giveaway my computer is so slow!

  2. I need one because I am having memory issues. I keep having to restart because I am getting this "It's dead Jim" messaage

  3. Well it seems the longer I use it the slower it gets. I use other tools to keep my cache and files cleared out but I must be missing something. I'm hoping this will tell me my problem, thanks for the chance to win!


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