Friday, May 4, 2012

Curriculum Guide Giveaway 5/25

I joined up with Den School to giveaway this great educational product!  This is great for people who are homeschooling their children!!!  I hope you like it please read what she wrote.  You can view her full REVIEW HERE!

The Global Village School offers an accredited homeschool diploma program that can be customized.  They offer several options for classes, teacher support, etc.  One option is to simply purchase the Curriculum Guide, which is what I am reviewing.

 This little spiral bound notebook is a wealth of information.  It is not a curriculum “kit” that includes everything. The curriculum can be followed exactly as laid out in the book, by acquiring all the material,  or it can be used as a resource guide to augment your own plan.

The resources listed are divided into three categories; Core, Recommended and Optional.  Many of the books and movies can be borrowed from the library or bought used.  This certainly helps the budget conscious family, and who isn’t budget conscious these days?

The list of core, recommended and optional materials for this grade level allows each family to tailor it to their  likes and budgets.  In fact, the overall tone of the guide encourages and empowers the homeschooler to make the learning program specific and relevant to their educational goals.

What immediately impressed were the many alternatives to the standard textbook.  The lively and entertaining alternatives will work much better for our family,  I know my children will be more motivated to read!

The resources are listed under these academic areas:  Social Studies/Literature; Music; Language Arts; Science/Eco-Integrity; Math; Citizenship/Service Learning; Values/Character; Art/Nature/Science; and Health.  Each area has a variety of books, songs, films and websites that are recommended.

There are instructions, learning models and forms for using four week unit studies.  There are also three different sample record keeping formats which can be used or adapted to fit your own needs.

There are chapters on enhancing your skills, assessment and documentation, education myths, scheduling issues and setting up your learning environment.  I especially enjoyed chapter six which begins with a special note to the new homeschooling parent.

As a resource, it was very informative and empowering, debunking some of the widely held beliefs of traditional education that is critical of homeschooling.  I also appreciate the overall “tone” of this curriculum which acknowledges, at every turn, that there is no one method that is best for every family out there.

I feel very fortunate to have read and reviewed this curriculum.  I have already begun a journal of ideas and activities I have had while reading it, some directly from it and some inspired by it!  I will definitely use many of the resources and methods listed in this guide.  I am also now researching their middle school curriculum for my older son.

Although some chapters are geared to new homeschooling families, I feel that the information and resources in this guide could be useful at any point in the journey!

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