Friday, May 18, 2012

Dryer Ball Review!

I have been wanting to review a set of dryer balls for quite a while now and I finally was given the opportunity to review a set of 3 wool dryer balls from The Willow Store.  I was so excited for these that when I found out I would be getting them I saved up a bunch of laundry to do!

I was sent a package just like this with 3 dryer balls in various different colors!  What is great is that they look amazing and they do NOT bleed color onto your clothes!  The reason I really wanted to review wool dryer balls and not plastic ones is because I thought that from the sounds of them they would be more effective at reducing drying time as well as softening my clothes.

I figured I needed to try these out with all different types of loads of laundry.  I used them with my normal clothes, jeans, and towels.  I saw significant dryer time reductions.  Normally since I do not dry any of my loads on high heat they take between 2-3 30 minute low heat cycles.  It is usually 3 for towels and jeans and 2 for normal loads.  With these dryer balls I was able  to reduce these to 1-2 30 minute dryer cycles!!!

Seeing that reduction was amazing!!! It made me so excited!  In the end I LOVED these dryer balls.  I do recommend these for you and your family.  The $20 for all 3 is completely worth the purchase!

By buying these you will cut your dryer usage which will lower your electric or gas bill and you won't have to buy dryer sheets!  It won't take long to start saving money!  What is also great is the fact that you can use these for years!!!

Where can you buy these?

What Color Options are there?
There are 14 different color options!

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  1. I want to give this a try one day soon. I think that it would e really nice to have around!


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