Saturday, June 2, 2012

Diamond Review/Giveaway Opp for Bloggers!!!

The Diamond Candles company is hosting Reviews and Giveaways with bloggers again!!! First 100 bloggers approved by the Diamond Candles company will be given this opportunity!!! It is asked that you complete the review/giveaway within 30 days of receiving the product!  I am excited for this! My mom loves the candle I got her for Mother's Day, though I have never seen one since I live over 200 miles away!


  1. Thanks for the announcement! Do you know how long the announcement has been out? I signed up! I am crossing my fingers I was one of the first 100!

  2. Thanks for the announcement. I just signed up but I am new to blogging, so I doubt they will want to give me the chance. We will have to see though.


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