Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To: Create Feed Lists on Facebook

The first thing that you will want to do in order to create a Feed list on Facebook is make sure that you are logged in and you will want to be looking over at the left hand column on your Facebook page.

Now that you are looking at the left hand side of the page scroll down to Interests and click on more.   Once you have done that you can see if you have any feeds already created.  Click on Interests to continue.

The above picture is what my Interests page looks like.  Yours will probably look a little different because I already had created a Bloggers group, but will be creating a new one just for this tutorial.  From this screen you will be clicking on Add an Interest.

This page allows you to browse through lists that people have made which is similar to the idea that Amazon has with product lists that you can create and share.  You can choose not to share your list if you want.  I do not see much reason not to or to share it.  Anyway, you will click +Create a List.

Clicking the Create a List button will bring up a screen like this.  Your screen will be different because it will be showing you all of the pages that you like, not the ones that I like.  You want to scroll down and click on each image that you want to include in this feed.  

Once you add everyone by clicking on the images like stated above you will click on the blue Next button on the bottom right of the box.  This will bring up a screen just like the one you see here.  Simply fill out the List Name and choose if you want to share it to the Public, Friends, or Private.

Once you have entered all that information click the blue Done in the bottom right hand side of the box and you can then view your new Interests page where you can see the new list.  You can see my new list in the red box above!

Finally, when you click on your new custom list you will see a feed just like your main one, but on the right hand side there is also a List Suggestions section on the sidebar that will show you pages and people that you like or are friends with that you might want to add.  I didn't add all of the blogs I follow so you can see I missed some, but this will also help if you missed anyone.

I think it works best if you make categories.  You can do this by an Interests group for bloggers, stores, ect or you could break it down more to something like coupon blogs, giveaway blogs, and craft blogs, ect.  All of that is up to you and you will just repeat everything for each new group.

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  1. Thank you for this information. For people like me who don't get some of the lingo, we love people like you that help us to keep up. Again I appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to do the work.


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