Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge Day #17: 3 Things I am Proud of

--3 things you are proud of about your personality--

On a side note I am really far behind on these posts so expect a bunch in the next few days! Now onto the prompt! Lol.

3 things that I am proud about my personality. Hmm... this is a hard question. In all honesty I don't think about my personality in this way, but I will try!! Let me know what you all think!!! I would also love to hear what your 3 things that you are proud about your personality.

1. I am proud of my friendly, caring nature. I just had a discussion while watching TV late last night with my boyfriend. We were watching an episode of Flashpoint on Netflix where a father was holding up a hospital to get his dying daughter a heart since the available heart was being given to a much older man. At the end of the episode the man decides the girl should have the heart. What we were talking about is if I was in that man's shoes I would have instantly begged for the girl to have the heart even if it was right now with me being only around 10-15 years older than her.

2. This goes along side with that first one that I will push myself beyond everything that I normally can physically withstand just to help someone else who needs the help.

3. The final thing that I am the most proud about my personality is my compassion for animals. I love them so much and if I had my way we would have tons of animals. I hope to have a lot of land when I am a bit older so we can have many more in our home!

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