Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Equip Supply When You Need Heaters

Equip Supply is a supply store for all of your needs, but with the weather being so bad recently I want to point out some of the products that they have that can be very helpful when the weather is not so nice.  One of the things that Equip Supply carries is portable generators.

I know that I could have used a portable generator when the storms were rolling through.  Our power went out once from the high winds and during the summer our power went out three times for extended periods because of storms.  I can only image how bad it is for people on the East Coast.

Their line of Briggs & Stratton portable Generators are just what you need.  They have them in a variety of sizes and prices for those different needs that you and your family might need them for.  The small 2000 Watt Briggs & Stratton that is the cheapest on the site is what we would have needed.  It would have kept our fridge running and that is what we cared about..

The people on the East Coast who were out of power for days would probably have wanted one of the higher wattage generators.  They will keep things running for an extended period of time and will keep more running than the smaller ones.  So, if you are thinking about getting a portable generator then you should check out Equip Supply for some great prices.

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