Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Morningside Recovery

If you are looking for treatment for mental illness then you should check out Morningside Recovery.  You can find everything from Detoxification care, long term care, primary care, and individualized programs for those who need to create their own personalized care based on what is wrong with them.

Some of their mental illness treatments include: depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, BPD, Schizophrenia, ADD & ADHD, OCD, Dysthymia, and Agrophobia.  Many of these are issues that a lot of facilities cannot treat well but Morningside can.  They also offer Dual Diagnosis treatment for those who have multiple diagnosis'.

Morningside sees the treatment of mental illness' to be different many other places they believe the 24 hour or 72 hour stays are not truly helpful and that is why many end up going back after a short while. They also believe that the impersonal atmosphere at most facilities also does not help and that is why they personalize the experience for each person.  They believe that everyone is a person and not a disease or disorder and that is how they treat people which really helps a lot in the treatment process.

You can read about all of their activities, therapies, and so much more on their website.

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