Sunday, June 3, 2012

Disney Presents...

Coming to Theaters August 15th, 2012!

Check out the awesome trailer for this video! It looks like it will be an awesome funny, family-friendly film to watch this Fall!!!

This Drama-Comedy is 100 minutes long and is Rated PG.

Check out some of the cast:
Jennifer Garner
Joel Edgerton
Dianne Wiest
CJ Adams
Rosemarie DeWitt
Ron Livingston
M. Emmet Walsh
Odeya Rush
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lois Smith 
David Morse and Common

This is a story about a a couple Cindy and Jim Green who are married and cannot wait to start their own family.  It is at this point in their life that Timothy shows up at their doorstep one stormy night.  Cindy and Jim - as well as their town soon realized that unexpected packages can bring some of the greatest gifts!

You can find more information on the movie's Facebook Page.


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